1920/30's Martin Soprano Style 2 Uke w/ Vintage Hardshell Case New Orleans Ukulele

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1920/30's Martin Soprano Style 2 Ukulele w/ Vintage Hardshell Case New Orleans - This is the complete package for a Vintage Soprano Uke. Most importantly, it is fully functional and sounds full and rich. Outside of normal finish wear, there are 2 areas to report: The small crack near the bridge that has been repaired and cleated, and in the area where your arm comes across the uke - there is some worming as if it was under someone writing their name. At some point in the instruments history, a music store in New Orleans called Big Music House handled it, as seen by the sticker in the soundhole. 

The case is in OK condition. The latch near the headstock is functional, the others are not. The primary hinge near the body is functional, the hinge near the headstock is missing. The set screws on the tuners have been replaced and will be included in the case. 

The pictures and video tell the story! Check them out and let me know if you have any questions. 

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