1946 Gibson J-45

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About This Vintage Gibson J-45 Guitar

1946 Gibson J-45

This vintage Gibson J-45 is fully serviced and needs no luthiery work. It is setup with Lights and plays up and down the neck. It has a sweet voice when fingerpicked and lightly strummed, and can really growl when heavily attacked.

The frets have been replaced and are full of life, showing no signs of fret wear. There are 3 cracks in the top, and several side cracks on the bass side. All top cracks are repaired with a cleat, and the side cracks have been stabilized with a long cleat. Find all the pics for the full story.

My favorite part about the instrument is the belly and how the bridge is shaped to include the belly. It is a work of art!

The truss rod is functional. It will ship in a modern Gibson case.

I recorded 5 videos of this instrument. Here is flatpicking Cherokee Shuffle. Poke around to see the other 4 videos, some include singing. 



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