1964 Gibson SG Junior - One Owner - Collectors Condition #233223

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About This Vintage Gibson SG Junior 

1964 Gibson SG Junior 

If this listing can be viewed, the guitar is available for purchase. 

This is a 1964 Gibson SG Junior #233223. It will be sold with all of the collectibles as seen in the listing. 

The daughter of the original owner brought this to our store. It was purchased for him, by his wife, in 1964 at Vic Zinn’s Music in Nobleville, Indiana. They lived in the same house and it is still occupied by the family. 

The guitar is all original. It is exceptionally clean. I have not done anything to the instrument except wipe off dust with a rag. Most of photographs were taken in our professional studio where some of the patina is hard to detail because of the flash photography. Take a look at the last photo’s, it does have a vintage patina. There is very little cracking of the finish. 

The strings appear to be heavy. The tuners work great. The neck is straight. The bridge looks to be tilted a bit. The strings ring true except for the High E. An OEM Bridge might be needed to make it perfect. Please expect to take it to your trusted luthier for any service. 

The coil cable is functional. The strap is in tact. The Gibson quality control tag is there, and a Gibson vintage pick case. There are some old string packaging and finger picks. 

An absolutely stunning lot, and should make a collector or players dream come true. Cash or Bank transfer only. I will acquire a modern case to ship it. Buyer pays shipping. Contact me direct via email msrohrer@gmail.com or by phone 5 days a week at our public showroom 317.849.5744 or 888.795.3582


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