Asterope Pro Studio Series Instrument Cable - 10' Right Angle To Straight

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Asterope is amazing technology beyond anything you can possibly imagine. I plugged it in and it was a jaw dropping experience. This is one of the most important components you can add to your entire rig. Asterope is not a cable – it’s far more. Dollar for dollar there’s not a single piece of gear that will improve and enhance the sound of your musical instrument better than an Asterope.

     — Larry Fishman, Founder and President of Fishman

“I was skeptical about yet another cable. I plugged in my favorite cable and thought this sounds great… Then I plugged in the Asterope and was like… You’re kidding me! This cable really encompasses the things that I look for sonically in a guitar and an amplifier. I could easily hear the difference. Asterope simply helps me get where I want to be. Congratulations on a great product.”

     — David Grissom - Guitarist, Writer, Producer

Get the most out of your instrument with an Asterope Studio Series Instrument Cable!

  • 10' Rugged Instrument cable with with 1/4" right to 1/4" straight connectors
  • Patented Solid-Core GOLD Connectors for durability and excellent conductivity
  • 95% cross-braided tin copper shielding for outstanding resistance to noise and interference
  • Directional twin-axial 99.9% ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper for exceptional signal transmission
  • Unique barbed-collar bracket reliefs ensure years of reliable performance
  • Extra durable, full-flex, pressurized PVC jacketing provides superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance
  • All components designed and manufactured in the USA


With an Asterope Studio Series Instrument Cable, you'll get a cable that not only is crafted for premium sound quality, but it also brings out the true tonal character of your instrument. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this cable will deliver enhanced harmonic and frequency response with its patented solid core, ultra-clarity Solid-Core GOLD connector.

One of our favorite features at GuitarHotline is the Asterope extra durable, full flex, pressurized PVC jacketing. This instrument cable will also provide superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance.