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Buying Guide For Parents Selecting Their Child’s First Acoustic Guitar

How Do I Decide Which Acoustic Guitar To Buy My Child

The internet has way too many opinions and options for parents who are searching for a good, reliable first guitar for their child, at an affordable price. How do you sift through all of this information and make a purchase that will inspire your child to want to pick up his or her guitar every day to play and create music? After all, isn’t that the goal!

After you have researched the entire internet for the last six weeks, there are really only three factors that need to be considered when you are deciding which guitar to buy.

  1. Does the guitar fit my child
  2. Is the guitar easy to play
  3. Does the guitar have a good sound

At Reno’s Music in Fishers, Indiana, and on our website we have been “ Serving Musicians Since 1991”. During this time we have sold thousands of guitars. Many as first guitars to kids of all ages.

We’ve learned many things since our opening in 1991. The most important lesson we’ve learned is that selling guitars from top manufacturers is the best thing we can offer our valued customers.  We have partnered with Fender and Martin guitars so that we can offer quality instruments, at fair prices, and be 100% confident that if there is a Warranty issue that these companies will provide fast, reliable service.

The most important thing a parent can do for their child who is wanting to start playing guitar, is to provide them with a guitar that fits the 3 criteria listed above.

  1. The guitar must fit your child. Their arms must be able to reach down the neck of the guitar without too much of a stretch. A little stretching won’t hurt, after all they are still continuing to grow and you don’t want to buy another guitar in 6 months because they’ve outgrown the baby guitar you’ve just purchased.
  2. The guitar must be easy to play. If the strings are too far away from the frets it will be an instant source of frustration and your investment will soon be stored under the bed.
  3. The guitar should sound good so that your child can be inspired by the nice music they will be making in no time.

Does Music Make My Child Smarter

Research provides us with the following conclusions.


Research reveals a strong connection between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities with toddlers.


The everyday listening skills are stronger in musically trained children than those that do not receive music training. Researchers found that children that actively participated in a music class for two years, showed a larger improvement in how the brain processed speech and reading than their less involved peers.


Adolescent centered studies have shown that students that take music in middle school score higher on algebra in the 9th grade.