LR Baggs

GuitarHotline and Reno’s Music is proud to offer LR Baggs acoustic guitar pickups and direct boxs  for the acoustic performer who cares about tone. It is satisfying and inspiring to hear a rich amplified acoustic guitar sound and LR Baggs is known for translating the true voice of your acoustic guitar into a pure electrical expression.

The new LR Baggs Anthem acoustic guitar pickup system elevates the technology by combining the high end clarity of a microphone and the full bass presence of a high-quality undersaddle pickup. GuitarHotline and Reno's Music  can help you choose the right transducer for your playing style and need.

Also, L.R Baggs offers acoustic guitar direct boxes that are a must have for the performing acoustic guitarist. Choose the Para D.I. or the new Venue Direct Box and you are ready to hit the stage!

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