Most woods used for making guitars show increased damping with frequency, which can make the guitars higher notes sound muddy. The Rainsong Carbon Fiber guitars damping is mostly constant across the acoustical spectrum which results in a full range of sound. Trebles will ring with crystalline clarity and bass notes are warm without being muddy.

The inherent strength of the Rainsong Graphite Guitar means that it can survive travel, and that changes in the environment will not force the guitar to be out of tune. The RainSong Graphite Acoustic Guitar is the ultimate instrument for the professional musician.RainSong Guitars For Sale | Reno's Music | Fishers, Indiana

RainSong guitars use the same technology bonding its bridges and necks that is used in making airplanes. It is stronger than the bonds of any wood glue or epoxy. The Rain Song Acoustic uses materials and techniques that combine for a smoother passage of energy from the string to the soundboard, resulting in greater detail, and a cleaner tone.

At Rainsong Guitars, all the frets and set ups are done individually by luthiers at RainSong's Woodinville factory. The Rainsong frets are high quality nickel alloy for low wear and great looks. And, because RainSong necks are so stable, the action can be low for comfortable playing.