MOTIV™ - iOS & USB RECORDING SOLUTIONS FOR MUSICIANS - Because the world is your studio.

From capturing moments of inspiration and demoing out ideas, to recording rehearsals and grabbing performance video in life-like stereo, MOTIV iOS and USB microphones are the simple and easy way for musicians to get professional-sounding recordings wherever they may be.

Sleek, iconic design inspires performance, and convenient portability and connectivity means you can record anywhere — the living room, the practice room, the home studio, or the club. Easy-to-use onboard controls and headphone monitoring offer flexibility, and the free ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ iOS app for enhanced recording and editing provides additional control for gain, EQ, compression, and more.

MOTIV iOS and USB microphones are the difference between missing musical moments and capturing them — directly and easily to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or PC. For musicians who demand better audio wherever their music takes them, MOTIV is here.

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