is a division of Reno's Music, located in Fishers, IN.
We are a family owned business and have been Serving Musicians Since 1991.

When you are visiting Indy, please stop in and visit our showroom of high end acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

At Reno's Music we are always in search of clean, cared-for, used guitar trade-ins. We also buy high quality pre-owned guitars.

We promise to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Purchase online or call GuitarHotline toll free 1-888-795-3582 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Hi, I’m Mark Rohrer from Reno’s Music and In 1991, my father opened our full service guitar store in Indianapolis, IN. In 2001, our website was launched. We now enjoy servicing guitar lovers both locally and worldwide.

I encourage you to contact me directly or interact via social media.

Phone: 1.888.795.3582 or 1.317.849.5744
Twitter: @itswelby
Instagram: itswelby
"Mark, how can I thank you for the best communication and deal EVER?! As I said, your father should be very proud of you! I am more excited about the bag (I will use it for my job, which is fun!) than the guitar (that's the most fun part!). Both are fine examples of Martin history!"
- Elias in Pennsylvania - 8/27/16

"A trade I made with Mark was one of the single best transactions I've ever had on the UMGF."
- Dave in Utah - 4/21/14

"I've also dealt with Reno's Music and the quality of their instruments, as delivered, exceeds their descriptions."

"Wow, that is simply lovely! Wonderful looking headstock and just very pretty all over, fretboard decoration and all. Of course, I'm a lot biased, as I bought my OM28 Adi/Guat from Mark last winter and I'm still loving it, and actually, love it more and more each time I play it. Great guitar, love the sound, love the wood combos."
- Jan - 12/29/15

"As RainDelay mentioned, I'd recommend touching base with Mark at Reno's Music. He had put together some prety sweet customs and has experience in 'what works well'. I've done business with Mark before, from Canada and we've spoke on the phone. He is very personable and friendly, easy to work with and would be a good guy to become friends with, I wish I lived closer so I could attend some of the great jam circles he frequents."
- Ted in Canada - 8/20/15

"I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I sure did thanks to Mark at Reno's Music who made sure my custom shop arrived safe and sound on Christmas Eve. If you are in the market for anything guitar-wise, and need someone to bounce emails and messages off of because you are a little indecisive like myself, message Mark (Zmark on the forum) and he will take care of you. I can't begin to tell you how great he was at making me feel comfortable about my purchase. He took the time to sit and play numberous guitars and give me his honest feedback and sent so many emails as I flipflopped back and forth between guitars. Ultimately, I made the right decision thanks to him and man what a guitar! Adi top/Guatemalan back and sides! Sounds SOOO good! I have been looking for 'the guitar' for a while, and I can't see myself parting with this one and I owe that to him.
Like I said, if it wasn't for Mark, I probably wouldn't have felt comfortable enough to make this purchase. Thanks and Happy New Year!"
- Gins47 - 12/27/15

Asterope is amazing technology beyond anything you can possibly imagine. I plugged it in and it was a jaw dropping experience. This is one of the most important components you can add to your entire rig. Asterope is not a cable – it’s far more. Dollar for dollar there’s not a single piece of gear that will improve and enhance the sound of your musical instrument better than an Asterope.
— Larry Fishman, Founder and President of Fishman

“I was skeptical about yet another cable. I plugged in my favorite cable and thought this sounds great… Then I plugged in the Asterope and was like… You’re kidding me! This cable really encompasses the things that I look for sonically in a guitar and an amplifier. I could easily hear the difference. Asterope simply helps me get where I want to be. Congratulations on a great product.”
— David Grissom - Guitarist, Writer, Producer

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