Martin Custom Shop

The Martin Guitar Custom Shop welcomes Mark Rohrer


The Martin Custom Shop exists for you - the player. This may be a simple statement but one that Martin does not take lightly. To the Martin Guitar Company you are not a demographic; and you are not a piece of market share to be acquired. To Martin, if you play music, you are a musician, an artist, and they believe the world is a better place because of you. Martin's sole purpose is to make the finest instruments and to serve you, the artist.
The relationship between a musician and their instrument has always been a unique bond. Many of C. F. Martin's most innovative designs have been the result of a collaboration with different musicians. Every time Martin Guitar carves a spruce brace, shapes a mahogany neck or creates a piece of custom pearl, they do it with you, the artist, in mind. A musician's need to play music is not by choice - it is a necessary part of their life. It is a musician's desire to share their particular gift of interpreting everyday experiences and turning them into lyrics and melodies that move and inspire others.

The C. F. Martin Custom Shop shares the same passion. With your vision in hand, we cut, sand, carve and craft the finest materials into an instrument that inspire you.