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Graham Case

Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991

Graham has been providing private and group lessons to the Indianapolis / Fishers area since 1999.

During that time, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Guitar Performance from the University of Indianapolis.

He strives to make lessons fun and light by reinforcing students’ natural learning styles.

“My mission is to help and encourage people to have fun learning, performing, and sharing music. By making music fun, inspiration becomes tangible, and willingness to learn turns into passion”, says Graham.

Once a student has a foundation, Graham offers a variety of paths to explore. From group (multi-instrumental) style classes, to continued focused one-on-one study.

Casey Harshbarger

Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991

Casey has been teaching guitar for over 15 years at Reno's Music. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University in guitar performance.

In 2007, he was one of 10 finalists in Guitar Player Magazine's international Guitar Hero competition held in San Francisco.

Casey loves teaching guitar and has students that range from 7 to 70 years old. He enjoys helping his students achieve their musical goals by making sure they can play their favorite songs.

He also enjoys helping students engage in reading and writing music. Casey helps his students bring out their creativity! Many of his students over the years have written songs and recorded their own albums with his help.

Most important to Casey, it that his students enjoy playing the guitar and look forward to learning something new each and every lesson.

Matt Koher

Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991

Matt has been teaching at Reno's music since 2003. With over 35 years playing experience, and over 20 years teaching experience, Matt is committed to helping each of his students develop their unique potential and accomplish their individual goals.

"Music is for everyone, and it is my goal as a teacher to help everyone find 'their' music," says Matt.

"Everyone learns differently. As a private instructor I am in the best position to bring music to each person in a way that works for them."

As a result of his pedagogical methodologies, and each student's hard work, Matt's students have accomplished a huge variety of achievements- from playing in their church praise group, to competing and winning gold in ISSMA, to graduating from the Berklee College of Music, to playing in the school talent show, to playing on the road in touring bands, to just playing for fun after a long day at school or work, or pickin' with friends at a weekend bonfire.

Matt offers mindfully and heartfully handcrafted lessons to individuals and groups on over 20 different instruments. All ages. All abilities. All styles.

In addition Matt offers study in these areas: music theory, composition, improvisation, voice, music psychology, ear training, musicianship, songwriting, ensemble playing, history, appreciation, as well as instrument history, collecting, maintenance, and repair.

In demand as a guitarist, mandolinist, violinist and fiddler, Matt continues his recording and performing career as a member of Midwest Rhythm Exchange, Yeager Swing Trio, The Maple Trio, The Great Pretenders, The Gaslight Gypsies and with a number of other musicians and ensembles. And once in a blue moon with Blueprintmusic.

He lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife and three kids.

Bart Michael

Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991

Bart Michael has been playing guitar, bass, and piano for over 25 years and has been an instructor at Reno's Music for 13 years.

In his career as a musician, Bart has toured nationally, written songs that have been placed in TV and film scores, and opened up for many touring bands.

Bart is a songwriter who is proficient in many styles of music. He has a strong passion to teach his students how to write and record their own songs.

His style is geared towards teaching his students songs, theory, and an overall understanding of music and how it applies to all instruments.

He enjoys seeing his students improve upon their skills to make them well rounded musicians.

Tom Turner

Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991

Tom Turner has been teaching lessons at Reno’s music since 2005. Tom has enjoyed seeing many of his students thrive at their instrument and become well-rounded musicians. Lessons are crafted around the wants and needs of each individual student using a wide variety of curriculum study techniques and materials.

Tom offers lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele. While taking lessons on any of these instruments, students also enjoy learning music theory, song writing skills, ear training, music history and many more aspects of music and the music business.

Tom teaches many styles of music and truly loves what he does and hopes to continue teaching music and playing guitar in his band Stella Luna & the Satellites for many years to come.


Reno's Music - Fishers, IN - Serving Musicians Since 1991